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Helping You Find Your Spark In The Darkness

About PureSpark

PureSpark was born out of Founder Nieisha Deed's passion to help others. Through this organization, she strives to bring hope to those who find themselves in a dark place. PureSpark seeks to cultivate the kind of mental wellness culture Nieisha craved when she was severely depressed and suicidal. PureSpark uses social media and our web interface to provide resources and daily coping mechanisms that would otherwise be out of reach for someone who is unfamiliar with the mental wellness system. While open to providing information for everyone, the organization’s focus is on Black women. Mental illness is often stigmatized in the black community, and it is common for black women to put themselves, as well as their mental wellness, last in order to help others.

How She Found Her Spark and Started a Movement

Our Founder

For fifteen years Nieisha’s role as an accounting professional took her into different business environments. She would support organizations through transitions for mergers and acquisitions, recommend best practices, and report the oversights in her findings to clients. Her goal was always to leave the place better than it was when she was onboarded. She became accustomed to looking at things with a critical eye. With a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Howard University, she began her accounting career at Deloitte in Boston, later joining a national accounting firm in Washington, D.C. After seven years with the company, she began facing challenges at work that she hadn’t come across with other clients. And for the first time, both professionally and personally, she could not understand where to find the oversight. The light Nieisha was searching for, she realized, was inside her all along, she just had to find the help to let it shine. Nieisha’s journey led her to founding PureSpark and offering resources to clients to accept their situation, explore their emotions, and practice the coping mechanisms they’ve learned through using PureSparks resources.