Purespark Presents: How We Survived Our Mental Illness

Often when we hear about mental illness, it’s on the news from the perspective of a therapist or psychiatrist. PureSpark believes that a highly stigmatized topic, such as mental illness, should be discussed from a lived experience standpoint and not just a theoretical view. It is important for folks in the community to see people that look like them who use language that supports, encourages, and relates.
The goal of this event is to:

1) Demystify what Mental Illness looks like
2) How we got help
3) Sharing resources on where others can find help
We hope to inspire people to take their mental health more seriously.

10min – Welcome Introduction
30min – Panel: Mental Health Discussion
10min – Question and Answers from Attendees
10min – Closing remarks


Imadé (ee- MAH- day) is a writer and mental health advocate who founded Depressed While Black® . She is a suicide attempt survivor who lives with clinical depression and borderline personality disorder. Imadé first developed Depressed While Black as her 2015 Columbia University Non- Fiction Creative Writing MFA thesis.
Depressed While Black has grown into an online community, an in- progress book, and a 501(c)3 nonprofit that donates Black- affirming personal care items to psychiatric patients and connects people to Black therapists.

Vision Statement:

Depressed While Black envisions a world where people of African descent heal from severe depression through Black- affirming mental health support and advocacy.
Toni Wooden: Founder of Black and Bipolar Podcast
This podcast is about my experience as a black woman that has navigated around my life with Bipolar type 2 with psychosis (I hear two voices daily). I want to break down myths and stigmas around people with Bipolar disorders.
My experience is not the only experience when it comes to black women and having a mental disorder. However, I want to give a platform to people like me to talk about our experiences and share with the world who we are and how we navigate everyone and everything.

PureSpark is a mental health advocacy organiz ation that launch their directory for Black Wellness providers in February 2021. Our goal is to CONNECT – Mental Wellness providers with people who need the help, EDUCATE – The Black Community on all things Mental Wellness and END THE STIGMA – End the stigma of Mental Illness/Health that currently exist in the black community. Our Work is locally focused however we have a reach that expands across the globe. We offer free weekly Peer Support Groups which we launch during the pandemic allowing people a space to express their emotions, be seen/heard, and learn about techniques that can help them to cope. We are looking to grow or directory and continue to help folks along on their wellness journey.

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