Peace Beautiful People! Body, Stone and Soul is a mother-son
Hi! I am Karland Barrett and I founded 3R Massages LLC in 20
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Ayanna Parrent, LICSW & RYT 500 is the CEO and Founder o
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Great to meet you! I am a native of Boston, MA, and a proud
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Here at I LOVE ME Reiki, we celebrate your Divine Spark and
Celeste Viciere is a renowned therapist, mental health advoc
In our fast-paced sometimes inhumane culture, we forget that

What People Think About Us


Medina V.

“PureSpark is exactly what’s needed today. It’s always a joy to see the uplifting posts, especially in this modern social media climate. Its a constant reminder of our vulnerabilities and capabilities as humans while reaffirming our normalities and likenesses. Great for anyone’s timeline.”

Merelyn S.

“Nieisha uses her platform to do amazing and necessary work in the space of mental health. As a friend of hers, to experience her light and positivity is a blessing. Luckily, the entire world now gets to experience it because of PureSpark.”

Dave M.

“PureSpark is doing deeply important work inspiring us all to cultivate perspective and healthy habits to promote our mental wellbeing, especially among those who don’t often talk about it as much. Mental health requires courage, patience, and the support that this organization provides. Thank you!”