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Accepts Insurance: None - This is a 12 week class

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Feeling stuck? Don’t worry! My masterclass was created to help people like YOU learn how to be more solution-oriented with your life and develop a solution-oriented mind set. Through this community, you will learn how to create life changes that will stick!
How does the masterclass work?
There are two options. (Guided and self guided)

12 week course guided by Celeste The Therapist

Weekly homework assignments sent to your phone and email

Weekly responses and feedback from Celeste The Therapist

Monthly deep dive masterclass to move you forward with creating life changes that will stick

Exclusive “how-to” content with practical steps to guide you with making connections

Free replay to masterclasses and access to all workshops during enrollment period

Free access to ALL workshops during your enrollment period

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Celeste Viciere is a renowned therapist, mental health advocate, best-selling author, and podcast host. She holds a master’s degree in counseling from the University of Massachusetts Boston. Celeste has been in the mental health field for almost 20 years and believes in the power of living a conscious life. She has dedicated her personal and professional endeavors to breaking the stigma surrounding mental and emotional health, especially in communities of color. Celeste is the author of two books, “Relationship Goals and “365 Days of Intentional Living.” Her podcast, “Celeste The Therapist,” which streams in over 100 countries with almost 200,000 downloads. She focuses on ways to shift your mindset and change your thought process.

Celeste’s has been in private practice since 2015 and currently conducts her practice online full time. She also speaks for organizations around the world both corporate and non profit about mental health and the importance of living intentionally.

Celeste also has a program where you can do self guided or guided. The guided option is only open four times a year called “ShiftingTheWayYouThink”. There are two master classes. The first class is focused on healing the inner child and the second class is focused on All about love. Celeste will use books, live discussions to help you with shifting your thought process. Learn more by visiting www.ShiftingTheWayYouThink.com

Take the first step to help. Contact Celeste The Therapist now. Call: 781-786-8648 E-mail: info@shiftingthewayyouthink.com

Additional Info

Years in Practice: 15
License Number: 9220
Focal Age: 18 and over
City: Boston


Cost Per Session: 199-499 for 12 weeks
Accepted Payment Methods: credit card/paypal
Accepts Insurance: None - This is a 12 week class


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Medina V.

“PureSpark is exactly what’s needed today. It’s always a joy to see the uplifting posts, especially in this modern social media climate. Its a constant reminder of our vulnerabilities and capabilities as humans while reaffirming our normalities and likenesses. Great for anyone’s timeline.”

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“Nieisha uses her platform to do amazing and necessary work in the space of mental health. As a friend of hers, to experience her light and positivity is a blessing. Luckily, the entire world now gets to experience it because of PureSpark.”

Dave M.

“PureSpark is doing deeply important work inspiring us all to cultivate perspective and healthy habits to promote our mental wellbeing, especially among those who don’t often talk about it as much. Mental health requires courage, patience, and the support that this organization provides. Thank you!”