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Paula McCree, Awake and Aware: Paying Attention with Intention

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As a Vitality Mindset Coach, I help people discover their strengths and abilities to manage change, become unstuck, and make decisions with grace and ease.

As a Certified PART Instructor, I teach workshops for small groups where I offer various strategies for managing stress drawing on practices from positive psychology, cognitive behavior therapy, and mindfulness on a foundation of other lifestyle behaviors such as sleep, exercise, nutrition, connection. I help clients develop strategies and learn new ways to respond to stress that are more adaptive.

As a Registered Yoga Teacher, I teach Mindful Yin Yoga classes that include breathwork, asana, and meditation. By weaving concepts of mindfulness into the class narrative, I encourage students to use the asanas to get into the body and become more aware.

Visit www.awake-n-aware.com for more details or contact me at info@awake-n-aware.com.

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I have been blessed with good genes as evidenced by the many relatives who have lived pretty independently well into their 90’s and some as old as 102.  Knowing this is possible for me, in service to my future self, I have been on a personal mission to be sure that I do everything I can today to lead a mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy and fulfilling life in the Peace Lane.  My programs offer services to help you discover what works for you to lead your best life in service to your future self while navigating and managing all the changes that come with that with grace and ease.  I created the concept of living Life in the Peace Lane as way to anchor the practices I teach.  The acronym PEACE is the foundation:

P: Find your purpose and regular practice

E: Manage your energy

A: Learn adaptive responses to stress on a foundation of acceptance and allowing

C: Engage your connections and community

E: All in service to have equanimity even under duress

I hold an MS Nutrition and in addition to being a Certified Jay Shetty Life and Success Coach, I am a Certified Positivity and Relaxation Training Instructor and Registered Yoga Teacher in two styles of yoga.

Take the first step to help. Contact Paula McCree, Awake and Aware: Paying Attention with Intention now. Call: E-mail: info@awake-n-aware.com

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Years in Practice: 10
License Number:
Focal Age: 25 plus
City: Hingham


Cost Per Session: $75.00 for 1:1 Coaching, various pricing for workshops and yoga classes
Accepted Payment Methods: Venmo, Cash App, PayPal
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Medina V.

“PureSpark is exactly what’s needed today. It’s always a joy to see the uplifting posts, especially in this modern social media climate. Its a constant reminder of our vulnerabilities and capabilities as humans while reaffirming our normalities and likenesses. Great for anyone’s timeline.”

Merelyn S.

“Nieisha uses her platform to do amazing and necessary work in the space of mental health. As a friend of hers, to experience her light and positivity is a blessing. Luckily, the entire world now gets to experience it because of PureSpark.”

Dave M.

“PureSpark is doing deeply important work inspiring us all to cultivate perspective and healthy habits to promote our mental wellbeing, especially among those who don’t often talk about it as much. Mental health requires courage, patience, and the support that this organization provides. Thank you!”