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Dr. Rayna B. Minors is a dedicated wellness coach, educator and trainer. Who’s Got Morale team and I focus on inclusive wellness. I have a master’s degree in public health, and doctorate in education. I am a certified health coach as well. I founded a nonprofit organization, Who’s Got Morale, which offers mental health coaching, workshops and trainings for youth and practitioners. I am the lead holistic health and healing educator for the Kente Tent Healing Collaborative, that convenes, trains and supports Black holistic healers from across the United States. I am trained in various techniques that address trauma. I have attended national conferences focused on cultural relevancy improvements and trauma sensitivity. I studied under Queen Afua to become an Emerald Green Practitioner.

I also have published academic works about wellness interventions, cultural proficiency in the workplace and engagement. I have developed rites-of-passage programs for over 250 male students.

My spotlight training is called Light-workers Training, which is a training geared towards youth workers and administrators who are interested in self-awareness exercises, communication and conflict resolution strategies and practical techniques to utilize in the workspace.

Website: www.whosgotmorale.com

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Years in Practice: 15
License Number:
Focal Age: 15+ years old
City: Boston


Cost Per Session: $70/hour (15 -18years old) & $75/30mins (19+ years old)
Accepted Payment Methods: CashApp, PayPal
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